Team Maintenance Meeting


Building a Career at Your Home Concierge

We want to make it possible for our team members to build a great life for them and their families. Especially in vacation communities, too much of the work is seasonal. As a team member at Your Home Concierge, you can expect:

  • Fair pay
  • Performance-based bonuses
  • Health, vision, and dental insurance
  • 401(k) plan
  • Clear pathways to promotion

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New Home Care Job


We work hard to make sure others know we’re on their side. We’re smart, but we don’t wear it on our shoulders.

Home Maintenance Careers


We work at becoming the sort of people that others call when their backs are against the wall. No matter how dire the circumstances, we put others at ease. We inspire confidence in crisis.

Building Contract Careers


We all swing hammers. If you’re the President of a market, you literally still swing a hammer—and by your example teach others to do it the right way.

Maintenance Teamwork


We go above and beyond, especially for our team. If someone’s having family or
personal trouble, we step in for them. We make fun of one another, especially at the morning meeting. When mistakes happen, we focus on how to prevent them in the future. We hold people accountable, but our focus is on fixing mistakes instead of assigning blame.


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