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Never say no. Never ask twice.
Never take advantage.

Your Home Concierge got its start by acquiring a business based in Ventnor, NJ from its founder, Chris, who built it from almost nothing. From its beginning in 1989 until 2020, Chris’ business grew to serve over 200 members.

We love this industry, and we think there’s a great opportunity to make it easier for families to relax in their homes. But the real reason we entered the industry? Our team found a partner in Chris. The first time we met him, he told us he’d built his business around three things: “Never say no; never make a customer ask twice; and never take advantage of them.”

After having enough time to observe the culture he created, we distilled Chris’ leadership style into four values that define everything we do, from how we hire, to how we treat our members.






We work hard to make sure others know we’re on their side. We’re smart, but we don’t wear it on our shoulders. Often, contractors take pride in “being right” and that can make customers feel dumb. We empower our customers to make decisions. Our teammates are “locals” in what are primarily second-home communities. Rather than treating our members like folks who create more traffic, we invite them to become a part of our local community.


We work at becoming the sort of people that others call when their backs are against the wall. We deal with lots of stressful situations—we often get calls when water is coming into our customers’ homes or when a storm just hit. People call us because we always put things in perspective and offer a path forward—we actively turn down the stress in stressful situations. No matter how dire the circumstances, we put others at ease. Even though we’re probably juggling 15 calls at the same time, no one ever sees us sweat. So we inspire confidence in crisis.


We all swing hammers. If you’re the President of a market, you literally still swing a hammer—and by your example teach others to do it the right way. We are experts at our craft—whether that’s framing a house or building an income statement.


We go above and beyond, especially for our team. If someone’s having family or personal trouble, we step in for them. We’re easy-going. When we’re doing a job, no matter the circumstances, we do it and don’t complain. We make fun of one another, especially at the morning meeting. When mistakes happen, we focus on how to prevent them in the future. We hold people accountable, but our focus is on fixing mistakes instead of assigning blame.